Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I know, I am not a real programmer anymore

So some of you may recall my diatribe regarding frameworks. I've done a full flop, and am completely behind Ruby on Rails (and jQuery). I love them. However, some of my reasons for not using them are starting to come true in my everyday experience with RoR: Every FUCKING time I upgrade, or change ANYthing on any of my servers that has to do with RoR, or Ruby in general EVERYTHING GETS ALL KINDS OF FUCKED UP! It's getting obnoxious.. I have hours into tracking down stupid shit problems that are NOT documented any-fucking-where. RoR 3.1 is coming out, with some anticipated (at least for me) changes. I went to install the "edge" version (beta of 3.1), and I couldn't even get it off the ground, so I reverted back, but I had reverted back to 3.09 (coming from 3.03) and that got all kinds of fucked up, but not because I installed the 3.1rc gem, but because my 3.03 shit wanted to install mysql2 v 0.3.x which is apparently not compatible with any RoR v3.x.. so TWO FUCKING HOURS LATER, after finally reverting back to 3.03, and THAT NOT WORKING EITHER, I canned the entire fucking install, re-installed.. and NOTHING! FUCK YOU ROR! And then I solved it.. a workaround I was using for 3.03 was fucking fixed when some gem got updated, and removing that workaround allowed 3.03 AND 3.09 to work. Apparently I won't need mysql2 anymore with 3.1, but I wouldn't know that from my SHIT experience today.

BUT for every hour I spend tracking down these OBNOXIOUS problems, I save 5 in raw development time. Tradeoffs. Sorry for the long drawn out shit that you don't care about. This is really just so I have a record of what I did when I end up having to do it again.


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