Saturday, June 11, 2011


Sorry I had to, I love it (Phideaux is fucking ROCK SOLID prog rock). I almost considered, tonight, a "drunk blog" (in the spirit of my drunk kitchen) something like "drunken redhead political bullshit".. I took it into serious consideration (I mean, drunk = stupid = awesome) but I suppose I'd like to find a job one day, so fuck that.

Tell me, when the planet was formed
Was it easy to believe there was more
Were we learning to expand and explore
Did we weather the storm?
Or get lost in the dust of disturbance and cloud
Caught in the force of the shadow of doubt
Feel the helix alive, feel it inside
So tell me how to lose the regret
The glass sits more than half empty yet
Salvation in one last cigarette
I might want to forget
Or get lost in the rush of distraction and lust
Take one little step
To the end where you must
Everything depends on a moment of trust
Come and be seen
And you’re saved from the dust
So come now and let’s settle the debt
It’s a wager I don’t want to accept
I’ll keep looking, maybe this is a test
To get up from the sloth and face what I see
In for the kill that is coming for me
All it feeds on is pleasure
All it values is crass
It’s depraved beyond measure
But it’s top of the class
Every god is a letdown
All heroes are false
So there ends the lesson
It’s a hell of a course


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