Thursday, March 31, 2011

My link to Krugman's link

 It's worth the short read at least.  There, Krugman has a link to the full article.  Hilarious. 

My favorite:

With notably rare exceptions, Newt Gingrich is a loyal and faithful husband.

RE Greenspan:
Today’s competitive markets, whether we seek to recognise(sic) it or not, are driven by an international version of Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” that is unredeemably(sic) opaque. With notably rare exceptions (2008, for example), the global “invisible hand” has created relatively stable exchange rates, interest rates, prices, and wage rates.

And another funny I was sent to by the Krugman blog (Fox's article stands on its own as an example of critical journalism (hahahahaha) ):

"I think we are headed for a double dip. That's my personal view," Pawlenty told Fox News. "I think you have a situation now where they've devalued the dollar. A strong dollar represents a strong economy and a strong country. I think they have flooded the economy with fiat money in a way that's going to have a return of inflation in a manner and to a degree that I think is going to be very troubling."
 That's all for now.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Accidental K9 bite, eh?  So wait -- you don't really have these fucking dogs under control when they're all amp'd up and ready to fucking attack someone?  So how then is it a crime, and not self defense to "attack" a "K9 officer" (Hybrid pig-dog)?  ESPECIALLY if the fucking dog is coming after you and you haven't done anything wrong (Ignoring that being a cop in itself is generally proof enough that you've done plenty of wrong). 

Assault 2---w/a Dangerous Weapon / Flee Police in MV / Carry a Weapon w/out a Permit/ Squad Accident

42nd Ave N & Lyndale Ave N Tuesday 3/15/11 1432 hrs 11-069892
Officer was dispatched to 2 suspicious vehicles that were disrupting a funeral possession. As officer approached, he observed one of the suspect vehicles weaving in & out of traffic. The vehicle swerved & hit the front end of the squad, causing damage. Officer attempted to stop the vehicle, but AP1/male, 20 yrs, fled in the vehicle to escape capture. When the suspect vehicle crashed after a short pursuit, 3 to 4 suspects bailed & threw a gun out of the car. Officer gave chase to the driver, AP1, who was apprehended by K9 & taken down at gunpoint. During the apprehension, an officer received an accidental K9 bite. AP1 was booked in HCJ for PC Assault 2; PC Flee Police in a MV; misd. Driving after Suspension; & misd. Reckless Driving.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Woah Vivos..

Just in case you've got too much money, and want to ensure that the world's future generations are bred from fearful idiots; Vivos.  Accountability for those huge down payments?  None.  What a brilliant idea, it's some kind of strange meeting of fear and capitalism that we've been seeing a lot of lately.

History has demonstrated that the masses do not take action to prepare, or even to react with self direction in the face of imminent danger. Most people wait for someone of authority to tell them what to do, where to go, and how to think. This was evidenced with reports from survivors of the "911" collapse of the World Trade Center towers, when people were told to “go back upstairs”. The survivors didn't! Survivors act on their own and take the security of their life into their own hands, relying on their own instincts, that have always served them well. These individuals that take control of their own destiny may very well be the proverbial “chosen few”, who have made the personal choice to heed the warnings and prepare for themselves and their families, versus becoming victims.
So, what the fuck?  Is it that I'm going to die when the end of the world comes, and go to a wonderful heaven (Or a terrible hell), or is it that all these end of the worlder's are really atheists?  I am so confused. Maybe all these fucking over-wealthy fearful morons feel guilty, and think they're going to go to hell, and want to try to "wait it out". 


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I took the time to re-type it...

So you should read it.  Excerpt from "The Labyrinth: God, Darwin, and the Meaning of Life"  Phillip Appleman.  Free Inquiry Feb/Mar 2011 Vol. 31 No. 2.

"..The trouble is, some of us can't seem to stop worrying about an afterlife that we don't really believe in, and as a result the toadstools of neurosis spring up in the dark labyrinth of our psyches. On the one hand, when we momentarily break free from the snaky coils of childhood teachings, we find ourselves fretting about our apostasy.  On the other hand, when we sheepishly return to orthodox reverence, our self-respect is automatically diminished, and we regret the opportunities for personal growth and adventure that we are missing.
    Most of us need to be much tougher-minded, more resolute in rejecting the bribes of the afterlife.  Once definitely done with our adolescent longing for the Absolute, we would find this world valuable after all--and poignantly valuable precisely because it is not eternal.  Doomed to extinction, our loves, our work, our friendship, our tastes are all painfully precious.  We look about us, on the streets and in the subways, and discover that we are beautiful because we are mortal, priceless because we are so rare in the universe and so fleeting. Whatever we are, whatever we make of ourselves, is all we will ever have--and that, in its profound simplicity, is the meaning of life."


Monday, March 21, 2011

So it begins

Yo, America:  THESE are some of the same whiny boneheaded fucking hick fools you voted into office last year.  Pay no mind to the fact that 74.8% of the population is "white", oppression takes all forms, right?.  The biggest one: Allowing people other than yourself to get a fair shot. 

And MY generation is the generation of whiners?

Yo t par-tay: you racist, homophobic, greedy, middle aged white whiners: go fuck yourself.  (Shit, am I going to get fired from NPR?)


Friday, March 18, 2011


Fox news headline:

"Report: Cincinnati Public Schools Pay $16G to Settle Partisan Voting Suit "

What in the hell is wrong with "$16K"?  Too European?  Stupid socialist metric system.  I'm not going to comment on the actual content of this story.


GOOGLE Search on $16G:
"(US$ 16) * gravitational constant = 1.06768 × 10^(-9) m^3 kg^(-1) s^(-2) U.S. Dollars"

I forgot that G was the gravitational constant.  I also forgot how fucking complicated G is.  There's a diff eq involved in that, if I recall, but I've forgotten most of what I learned in calc 4.   More exciting, it now appears that google may be able to solve all of the worlds pressing math problems.. even ones we didn't know existed..



Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kindergarten Cop

Trump - Palin 2012 The right choice, because "We both attended Kindergarten"

Ignoring all of the other absurdities that should be pointed out in this article, I have to comment: Trump wants the 2012 election to be a kindergarten popularity contest?

“If I got the nomination, if I decide to run, you may go back and interview people from my kindergarten. They'll remember me. Nobody comes forward. Nobody knows who he is until later in his life. It's very strange,” the Celebrity Apprentice host added. “The whole thing is very strange.”

Fuck, I now wonder where I was born (OR IF I EVEN WAS)!  Why?  Because I highly doubt that anyone from my kindergarten class would remember me (Except for Tyler F., who ended up at the same JR. High as me, and we only found out we went to the same K class 30 miles away through shit luck; we were catholic bashing in the lunch room one day.  Back in K, I even went to his 6th birthday party.  We had no idea).  If no one remembers me from over two decades ago, does that mean it's possible that I dont exist (Forget where I was born!)?  FUCK!  Now what?

Heh,Trump is no fool.  He knows exactly how to pander (the people he is pandering to are either incapable of any type of reasoning, or just don't give a fuck).  After all, apply some reduction and he's nothing other than a very good salesman. 


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Anyone can be a terrorist

TNN - Terrorist News Network

 Right here is proof that we should screen all passengers, not just Arabic looking people in airports.  This is in response to all those silly conservatives who say "You don't see any blond hair, blue eye terrorists, so we should only racially profile for airplanes".  This woman is on Al Jazeera, clearly she is a terrorist.



While it seems like they're quite fucked at the moment, they're getting some help.. some at least from us and 50 other countries.  That's swell, I'm really just here for a drive-by:

The earthquake in Japan reminds us how excellent of a choice nuclear power is. 


Pick a child, any child.


I am proud of this....

And this will most certainly be taken out of context one day:

"I'm becoming more liberal as time goes, but I am becoming more guarded about it.. like, when out in public I say "nigger" just in case someone might think I am pro-human".

(In case you're 'retarded', that's satire)


Friday, March 11, 2011

Being careful

So Johnny Northside lost, but I don't know how this wouldn't go to a higher court, clearly the jury was out to lunch.  That being said, I'm now afraid of what I say to a limited number of people.  The same idiots who claim to hate political correctness are offended when they're called "racist" (Which "in my opinion" happens to be the truth.  Ever talk to one of these 'partiers in person?), "ignorant", "gun loving, god loving", etc.  It's almost as if the truth is so offensive to them that it should be illegal to say.  I am mixing a few current news stories into this paragraph, if you can tell.  There's just so fucking much going on right now I can't stop my head from spinning.  America is under attack from what?  Terrorists?  Unions?  Thug welfare queens?  No.  America is under attack from stupid. 

If I've ever seen a bigger load of complete bullshit, it'd be this "lovely young man" (You see, I can't say what I really want to say, because I might get sued.  I don't see how I could get sued for saying nice things, so I'll say lots of nice things with quotes.  Does it smell like burning in here?)  So anyhow:

But in the recording, Liley also advises the man that NPR executives would investigate the giver before accepting any large donation, examining tax records, looking it up on a foundation database and checking out other organizations that have received donations from the giver.
I think that pretty much seals the deal.  NPR would basically not take the donation if it was from wackjobs.  They KNOW that they're under scrutiny, why risk it?

Liley also raises the possibility of NPR turning down substantial gifts and stresses the "firewall" between the revenue-generating part of NPR and its news operation.
 See!  SEE!! THEY REALLY ARE AWESOME!   (SEND THEM MONEY ALREADY!)  'Liley' was basically telling them nicely that "If you're fucking thinking you're going to shape our reporting with your goddamn money you're out of your fucking mind."


Jesus fucking christ.  I've gotta cut out for now before I start throwing things at the wall.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This hipster broke into a house, and called the cops, afraid the homeowner had a gun.  This is the epitome of hipster (And highlights a little of what there is to hate about hipsters).  Just look at the guy's mug.  He probably just wanted to steal some PBR and flannel shirts. 


Monday, March 7, 2011

Beck's co-opt of Paine

I know this has been beaten to death nearly, but I had to chime in with something.  Paine has always been one of my favorite of the "good 'ol boys".. I nearly shit when I heard what Glenn Beck had done with that goofy actor, etc.  Doing a little "light" reading of The Age of Reason I re-found a favorite:

"All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit."

Either Beck is trying to pull a fast one, or he's never cracked any of Paine's stuff.  There's plenty more to say on this subject, and I am sure it has already been said on blogs far better written than mine.  Google it.


It might not be yours..

But it's someone's religion.  Hard at work:

Church Choir Sex Slaves


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Screw them, I'd rather be red than dead.

Jesus fucking christ.. read the comments.  I am continuing to become very infuriated with this back and forth of mouth breathing, bible fucking mindless morons, and the religious apologists who try to say "all religions are peaceful".  It's like some kind of bizarre false dichotomy that no one can quite muster up the balls to escape.  It's, as I said, infuriating.  NEWS FUCKING FLASH: NO ABRAHAMIC RELIGION IS INHERENTLY PEACEFUL.  That said, some PEOPLE who practice religion (probably a majority, but who cares) practice peacefully because we've moved past the point where it's all that acceptable in MOST of the world to be a complete neanderthal.  WE ALL KNOW that this new age of anti-total-fucking-wackjob-burning-people-at-the-stake must be protected.   Let Muslims build their mosques.  If they're sending people over the pond to become radicalized, then stop them.  The feds already know about it.. jesus christ, what's the big fucking deal?  Hypocrites.  I have to say "merry christmas" instead of "happy holidays" or fear the wrath of some fucking insecure religious nut.  Tell me: fucking tell me: who's marginalized?  If this is what your religion is really about, something I have been pondering on for many, many years, then I DON'T WANT TO BE IN YOUR STUPID CLUB.

My note to the stribtards:

"You should all be ashamed of yourselves.  The hypocrisy of Christians would be laughable if it weren't as dangerous as the religion it's currently at war with. (Going on several hundreds of years, really).  This is clearly nothing more than a replay of the red scare.  Christians: Leave the Muslims alone.  Muslims: Leave the Christians alone.  And if you can't play nice, you're going to have to throw your silly god away.  All of you.  Muslim, Christian, Jewish.. It's time humanity moves past imaginary friends, and starts to face very real problems. "

OK - Now that I've gotten that out of my system..  I love my fellow human beings, and all of the animals, plants, bacteria (Even the nasty ones) that I share this planet with.  Really -- I do.  And it's because of that growing and very sincere love, that I wish we could be done with the name calling, the church bombing, the child killing, the rape, the torture, the beheading, the burning alive, the crucifying, the shelling, the shooting, the genocide, the honor killing, the capital punishment, all of the evil in the name of some or another god, that radically eclipses the "evil" of a woman walking around without proper head cover, or gay men having sex, or whatever the fuck else that is not any of your business.  If not for any reason other than "It probably says exactly that in some interpretation of your holy book".


Saturday, March 5, 2011


"As state could lose significant federal funding, Gov. Rick Scott proposes that teachers ante up for pensions"

WTF?  WHY?! Politicians: Why, if we have such a big problem, are you taking ANY salary for government work? The pensions are in trouble because of a loss of net worth on money deposited on their behalf.   I don't get it.  Really, I don't.  I don't understand why teachers are supposed to feel the brunt of, what is ultimately, handouts for the rich. Logic would tell us that "public sector" unions were created specifically to avoid exactly what is happening.

Teachers, you gave me: knowledge, priceless wisdom, critical thought, logic, reason, 'self esteem', the desire to learn, et cetera.  I'm going to go ahead and say:  You are an inspiration.  Don't listen to the idiots who say you are lazy, greedy, and make too much money.  They're jealous; they're asking the wrong question.  I've said it as many times as I can fit it in: "The question isn't: 'why are they making more than me', the question is 'why am I not making more?'".  With the future in your hands (being teachers and all), I'd hope you were very well paid and taken care of.  

Anyhow, teachers: thank you.  Don't count me in the group that says: "fuck you". 



Thursday, March 3, 2011

A numbers game

From a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released this morning:

"Do you think public employees who belong to a union and work for state government, city government, or a school district should have the same right to bargain when it comes to their health care, pension and other benefits as employees who belong to a union and work for private companies?"

These numbers are trending upward for "pro-union" (or anti-non-union).  Neat, it looks like some of this shit is backfiring.  Check out the whole poll here: Polling Report: Unions Not everything is perfect, but the trends are in the right direction.  Check out the questions that have a history of answers.. here's an example (Note they are years apart):

Do you think labor unions have too much influence, too little influence, or about the right amount of influence on American life and politics today?"
Too muchToo littleRight amountUnsure
2/26 - 3/1/10



Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cable news outfit promotes class-warfare disguised as "anti-lumpenism", ridicules critical thinking, and declares war on reason.

Sorry about the long title.. and I know, two in one night.. sorry.  I had to... anyway:

Was German Airport Shooting Terror?Subline:
"German and American authorities are investigating if the shooting attack that killed two U.S. airmen at a Frankfurt airport was an act of terror after a source tells Fox News the shooter yelled 'Allah Akbar.'"


Apparent-fucking-ly It's only "terror"(ism) if people scream shit that sounds like something that might be said somewhere in the middle east?

Here's a copy-paste (I am taking fair use to the extreme tonight). From "free online dictionary":ter·ror 
1. Intense, overpowering fear. See Synonyms at fear.
2. One that instills intense fear: a rabid dog that became the terror of the neighborhood.
3. The ability to instill intense fear: the terror of jackboots pounding down the street.
4. Violence committed or threatened by a group to intimidate or coerce a population, as for military or political purposes.
5. Informal An annoying or intolerable pest: that little terror of a child.

it would seem that this is a fairly broad definition, and mentions nothing about what is exactly screamed at the moment of 'terror'. So, by definition, it was 'terror'(ism) Fuck you fox news, and all of you goddamn idiots who gulp this shit up. Fox is spiraling out of control.. not even a year ago you could still count on the non-editorial shit to be unbiased, now it's overt at every level of the outfit.

My headline:
Cable news empire promotes class-warfare disguised as "anti-lumpenism", ridicules critical thinking, and declares war on reason.

**mumbles something different, this time about chimpanzees**


The imaginary land of magic

This is probably copyrighted by someone.  Fair use.  Bitch.

According to "the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll": "... while Americans find some budget cuts acceptable, they are adamantly opposed to cuts in Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and K-12 education."

So here it is, spelled out for you:
1. Don't cut any shit that's expensive (Because the stuff we REALLY like, as a people, happens to be REALLY expensive.)
2. Don't raise taxes
3. No new spending
4. Fix the long term financial outlook of the country YESTERDAY.

Who can do this?  What party can pull this off?  The magic party.

My proposal: More rigorous math classes focusing on arithmetic, statistics, and basic understanding of ledgers.  Civics as an absolute requirement to live past the age of 18.

**mumbles something about 'fucking retards'**