Thursday, October 14, 2010

Public frameworks are for houses, not real programmers.

Yes. I'm guilty. I thought I was one of the only people in the entire fucking world that isn't interested in learning a "programming language" on top of another programming language. (Apparently only hip and cool "programmers" use frameworks) Yes, I use an AJAX framework, and a couple other for very specific tasks (these are really just libraries) but not an entire-fucking-website framework that basically builds the site for me. Why? Because when whatever is underlying the framework doesn't work right I'm as good as fucked.. I don't know where in the hell I'm going to find the lines to change in this enormous programming language that is made on top of a programming language. Not to mention, everything looks the same these days because most of this shit is built with stupid frameworks.

Web 2.0 = "Look I can interact with shit, but it all looks the same" furthermore; "We're still using the same bullshit web browser model we used in 1995" lastly; "we're not creative enough to come up with an entire new concept, so we'll just build on something that was a good idea 15 years ago, and put 2.0 after it" -- go fuck yourself.

I was pointed to this framework/"rapid" development by a friend Gunar, a German programmer I met who swears by these fucking things. I ask myself: what in the fuck are you going to do if your framework doesn't support the specific thing you're trying to do? Are you going to trace through the entire framework, learn exactly how it works, and implement your feature first into the framework, and THEN into the actual project? No, you're simply going to tell your client that "that feature is impossible". Something I have heard an awful lot, and since I know the actual languages, not a stupid framework, I can actually make that shit happen.

I have my own frameworks, that's how this is meant to be: I have a library of functions,classes and their methods that I use, know how to use and hope to GOD I never have to explain how to use. For instance; newSelectDB($connect[], $db, $table, $cols, $where, $order) grabs whatever the hell I need from a database. The $connect is an array: [host], [uname], [pass], [port]. I am sure there's a GOD damn framework that has that same thing, or something similar, but when I need to change something.. maybe do a query inside of a query (not in for instance), I can simply rewrite a portion of it, make a new method and bam. From that class I can iterate through records nicely by $class->forward(); or even forward($numRecords). I know how it works, if shit breaks, I can fix it.

Rapid Development(tm): stupid. Every time I've worked on a project I've had half a brain to keep the customer posted (looking at the work) until it's done. If a problem comes up, I fix it. This "paradigm", read literally, says: "I know you're making a webstore.. but you have to make small advances, and releases".. so your customer's customer's for maybe an online store... "Check out our new store, it has a shopping cart!" of course, that particular release was the first, and the only fuckin' think you have is a shopping cart... no actual item displays, etc. The term was coined because people are jealous of their highschool buddies who became doctors and get to use fancy Latin words.. the felt left out, so they came up with their own phrases. But it's somehow still the doctors who are porking the hot nurses.

fuck frameworks, and the time wasted learning how to use someone else's functions. Write your own functions

(I know I'm not the only one: Why frameworks suck)

I am sure no one who reads this gives a shit, but whatever.. go framework yourself.

EDIT: I actually bothered to read the article I referenced: "
What you type could be native to the language or it could be part of a framework. But once you’re using it, it’d be a lot of work to take it out. You certainly can’t replace a framework once you’ve started using it." Word.



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For fk sake some smart people there after all, i fucking tired of Jquery (or how to spell it correct "jQuerry") framework for javascript i find it handy most cases, if you want to make site with hollywood effects, but its fucking killing me when people use it ONLY for form validation or other trivial crap that can be done with 4 lines of javascript.

Never less fuck frameworks for PHP (my favorite language) and other ones they all full of bugs and people who use them are fucking noobs. I tried to hire guy to maintain code on website for our company that someone else did...

Guy did not know difference between $_post, $_get and $_request... he told me he dont need that because zend framework takes care of everything... good luck to that ididot...

He will never be more than a puppet who can follow clear manual without creating shit on his own ever