Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Goddamn startribune

Since the site overhaul, NONE of my comments get approved.. no swearing or anything! So I spent the time, I'll put them here. Links to some data included here, since I can.  I should have been keeping this shit bookmarked, it's hard to re-find the specific stuff I am thinking of when I post.

jrock612 "Because I'm the one stuck with the bill! I have to work harder and longer hours to support your family members. And do I get a thank you? No! They feel entitled."

Harder and longer hours than what?  Last year?  The year before?  State income taxes have gone down over the past decade.  This adds up to complete nonsense.. just like a lot of these other comments. 

kinghibernia "WOW!!! One out of every ten people in the State of Minnesota is receiving some type of government assistance!!! Is this correct? Thanks to the DFL majority that has controlled the House and Senate for the last previous forty years!!"

...Or for the "last previous forty years"  wages have stagnated (Adjusted for inflation, the lower income brackets are flat for a long time).

A quick look at cencus data for Minnesota tells us that 10.9% of Minnesotans live below the poverty line, which is $22,350 for a family of 4.  The 1 in 10 seems in line with income.  Interestingly, Texas, the land of the free, has 17.1% of it's population below the poverty level.


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