Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Woah Vivos..

Just in case you've got too much money, and want to ensure that the world's future generations are bred from fearful idiots; Vivos.  Accountability for those huge down payments?  None.  What a brilliant idea, it's some kind of strange meeting of fear and capitalism that we've been seeing a lot of lately.

History has demonstrated that the masses do not take action to prepare, or even to react with self direction in the face of imminent danger. Most people wait for someone of authority to tell them what to do, where to go, and how to think. This was evidenced with reports from survivors of the "911" collapse of the World Trade Center towers, when people were told to “go back upstairs”. The survivors didn't! Survivors act on their own and take the security of their life into their own hands, relying on their own instincts, that have always served them well. These individuals that take control of their own destiny may very well be the proverbial “chosen few”, who have made the personal choice to heed the warnings and prepare for themselves and their families, versus becoming victims.
So, what the fuck?  Is it that I'm going to die when the end of the world comes, and go to a wonderful heaven (Or a terrible hell), or is it that all these end of the worlder's are really atheists?  I am so confused. Maybe all these fucking over-wealthy fearful morons feel guilty, and think they're going to go to hell, and want to try to "wait it out". 


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Stacy said...

The family of a buddy of mine growing up had a bomb shelter in the basement of their store. So we played "bomb shelter" all the time. Which basically consisted of sitting in her bomb shelter. Which was kind of boring, because there was nothing there. So I'm happy they upped that ante, because this is by far the most awesome bomb shelter I've ever seen. The video totally sold me, what with the woman singing all dramatically in alto and all. I fear for my future based on her voice. Sure, I'm not sure how I'll watch "Top Chef" on the widescreen teevee once the world ends, but dammit, if by the extreme chance that Blaise doesn't win, the world shouldn't survive anyway. Yeah, I said it.

Shit. I just noticed you have to share these spaces. Can't buy into that. The Soc-ialism, you know.