Saturday, March 5, 2011


"As state could lose significant federal funding, Gov. Rick Scott proposes that teachers ante up for pensions"

WTF?  WHY?! Politicians: Why, if we have such a big problem, are you taking ANY salary for government work? The pensions are in trouble because of a loss of net worth on money deposited on their behalf.   I don't get it.  Really, I don't.  I don't understand why teachers are supposed to feel the brunt of, what is ultimately, handouts for the rich. Logic would tell us that "public sector" unions were created specifically to avoid exactly what is happening.

Teachers, you gave me: knowledge, priceless wisdom, critical thought, logic, reason, 'self esteem', the desire to learn, et cetera.  I'm going to go ahead and say:  You are an inspiration.  Don't listen to the idiots who say you are lazy, greedy, and make too much money.  They're jealous; they're asking the wrong question.  I've said it as many times as I can fit it in: "The question isn't: 'why are they making more than me', the question is 'why am I not making more?'".  With the future in your hands (being teachers and all), I'd hope you were very well paid and taken care of.  

Anyhow, teachers: thank you.  Don't count me in the group that says: "fuck you". 



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Better Orange Than Dead said...

This is spreading from state to state to state... Ohio passed it in one chamber... but no legislation on the matter of collective bargaining has yet cleared any state. If you all walked out (sick of being called ineffective, bad at your job, etc, etc, etc etc, not to mention the CB issues), these repubs would have a hell of a time replacing you all. That's what "strength in numbers" is referring to.