Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Accidental K9 bite, eh?  So wait -- you don't really have these fucking dogs under control when they're all amp'd up and ready to fucking attack someone?  So how then is it a crime, and not self defense to "attack" a "K9 officer" (Hybrid pig-dog)?  ESPECIALLY if the fucking dog is coming after you and you haven't done anything wrong (Ignoring that being a cop in itself is generally proof enough that you've done plenty of wrong). 

Assault 2---w/a Dangerous Weapon / Flee Police in MV / Carry a Weapon w/out a Permit/ Squad Accident

42nd Ave N & Lyndale Ave N Tuesday 3/15/11 1432 hrs 11-069892
Officer was dispatched to 2 suspicious vehicles that were disrupting a funeral possession. As officer approached, he observed one of the suspect vehicles weaving in & out of traffic. The vehicle swerved & hit the front end of the squad, causing damage. Officer attempted to stop the vehicle, but AP1/male, 20 yrs, fled in the vehicle to escape capture. When the suspect vehicle crashed after a short pursuit, 3 to 4 suspects bailed & threw a gun out of the car. Officer gave chase to the driver, AP1, who was apprehended by K9 & taken down at gunpoint. During the apprehension, an officer received an accidental K9 bite. AP1 was booked in HCJ for PC Assault 2; PC Flee Police in a MV; misd. Driving after Suspension; & misd. Reckless Driving.


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