Sunday, March 6, 2011

Screw them, I'd rather be red than dead.

Jesus fucking christ.. read the comments.  I am continuing to become very infuriated with this back and forth of mouth breathing, bible fucking mindless morons, and the religious apologists who try to say "all religions are peaceful".  It's like some kind of bizarre false dichotomy that no one can quite muster up the balls to escape.  It's, as I said, infuriating.  NEWS FUCKING FLASH: NO ABRAHAMIC RELIGION IS INHERENTLY PEACEFUL.  That said, some PEOPLE who practice religion (probably a majority, but who cares) practice peacefully because we've moved past the point where it's all that acceptable in MOST of the world to be a complete neanderthal.  WE ALL KNOW that this new age of anti-total-fucking-wackjob-burning-people-at-the-stake must be protected.   Let Muslims build their mosques.  If they're sending people over the pond to become radicalized, then stop them.  The feds already know about it.. jesus christ, what's the big fucking deal?  Hypocrites.  I have to say "merry christmas" instead of "happy holidays" or fear the wrath of some fucking insecure religious nut.  Tell me: fucking tell me: who's marginalized?  If this is what your religion is really about, something I have been pondering on for many, many years, then I DON'T WANT TO BE IN YOUR STUPID CLUB.

My note to the stribtards:

"You should all be ashamed of yourselves.  The hypocrisy of Christians would be laughable if it weren't as dangerous as the religion it's currently at war with. (Going on several hundreds of years, really).  This is clearly nothing more than a replay of the red scare.  Christians: Leave the Muslims alone.  Muslims: Leave the Christians alone.  And if you can't play nice, you're going to have to throw your silly god away.  All of you.  Muslim, Christian, Jewish.. It's time humanity moves past imaginary friends, and starts to face very real problems. "

OK - Now that I've gotten that out of my system..  I love my fellow human beings, and all of the animals, plants, bacteria (Even the nasty ones) that I share this planet with.  Really -- I do.  And it's because of that growing and very sincere love, that I wish we could be done with the name calling, the church bombing, the child killing, the rape, the torture, the beheading, the burning alive, the crucifying, the shelling, the shooting, the genocide, the honor killing, the capital punishment, all of the evil in the name of some or another god, that radically eclipses the "evil" of a woman walking around without proper head cover, or gay men having sex, or whatever the fuck else that is not any of your business.  If not for any reason other than "It probably says exactly that in some interpretation of your holy book".


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