Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The imaginary land of magic

This is probably copyrighted by someone.  Fair use.  Bitch.

According to "the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll": "... while Americans find some budget cuts acceptable, they are adamantly opposed to cuts in Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and K-12 education."

So here it is, spelled out for you:
1. Don't cut any shit that's expensive (Because the stuff we REALLY like, as a people, happens to be REALLY expensive.)
2. Don't raise taxes
3. No new spending
4. Fix the long term financial outlook of the country YESTERDAY.

Who can do this?  What party can pull this off?  The magic party.

My proposal: More rigorous math classes focusing on arithmetic, statistics, and basic understanding of ledgers.  Civics as an absolute requirement to live past the age of 18.

**mumbles something about 'fucking retards'**


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