Monday, December 20, 2010

Two today, You're welcome. -- The net neutrality conservative lie

That is lies piled on top of lies piled on top of spin.  Here's some news for anyone who dare disagree with me

Net neutrality maintains the status quo -- as in you can connect to whatever site you want, download whatever is offered without paying anything more.  There are all kinds of network agreements between businesses that maintain the internet.  (Yes, that's how it works.  It might seem to just magically work to you, but it's lots of mid sized, huge and even very small networks intermingled).   One company deciding to charge for certain content could cause a netsplit (We're close to seeing something like that with the level3/comcast debacle).  Do you want a netsplit?  AKA: Do you want to be able to access whatever site you want, or do you want to have to have multiple carriers for different fucking providers (e.g. "I use Comcast to connect to Facebook, and Qwest to connect to twitter"). Don't think that would happen?  You're an idiot.  You've clearly not been paying attention to any of the history of capitalism.

Failure to maintain this status quo, legislatively, or via regulatory authority means the death of the only thing that you use your computer for: a free and open internet (And perhaps, a porn and music collection).

I know a lot of people don't believe it/understand it.  This is a very brief post, but I have convinced hardened anti-net neutrality republicans that they should change their mind.  I can change yours too.  If you're interested in FACTS instead of BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA you should send me a message.  I've been around this silly "internet" thing before there was a "world wide web".  I know how this shit works, and I know how ill intentioned over-zealous capitalist fucks want to change it.   (Twice in one day with the capitalist fucks!)

From the fox-news poll:

Should the Government Regulate the Internet?

Thank you for voting!





Total Votes: 31,191
SPINNNNNNNNNN Good GOD. "Let the web regulate itself" -- YOU FUCKING IDIOTS.  BROKEN RECORD, SELF ANNIHILATING, IGNORANT BUFFOONS!  I've got to go to bed before I give myself a heart attack.

**EDIT (I had to):  BTW, your internet connectivity costs the same to your network provider regardless of what you connect to/the content you use/view/create/edit.  Don't eat the fucking lies!


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