Friday, December 10, 2010

Merry go fuck yourself!

Let's beat the merry into them!  If you don't say exactly what we want (We say we don't care about words and how could insensitive things possibly hurt other peoples feelings?  Yes, these are the same idiots who absolutely HATE political correctness.), we'll boycott you.

Because if you say "Happy Holidays" you're disrespecting Jesus (somehow).  Because the whole thing isn't based around the randomly decided date of the birth of Christ anyhow?

I originally made that blink but it was too dumb, you're welcome.

It's not that it's something to say to avoid acknowledging "virgin birth", and other such absurdities, it's not that people would say happy holidays because they realize that Christmas and the New Year are BOTH imminent, it's not that people would say happy holidays because they are not interested in offending someone who has placed themselves IN THE FUCKING STORE TO BUY SHIT... It's simply said because it's politically correct.  Right. I feel like I've said this a billion times: You don't have to be politically correct, but it's generally a good idea to not be an asshole to someone you don't know.
"I don't think we bullied; we simply let them know if you are going to offend us, we are going to use our back pocket as our voice and not shop in your store."

Well, on the bright side, they don't strap bombs to themselves and blow the stores up.  Yet.

You know what?  I'm taking the lowest road possible.  Merry go fuck yourself.

**Edit: Adding a blink tag in anywhere fucks the whole goddamn thing up pretty bad.. even if you remove it.


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