Monday, December 20, 2010

Oops [we] did it again.

Does anyone run facebook?  I mean.. Google has made mistakes as well, but the number of mistakes FB has made in the past year adds up to all the flubs Google has ever made  (This is an approximation, If you don't think it's accurate, justfuckinggoogleit).  At least Google's motto is Don't be evil, and arguably, they've been rather non-evil, I mean -- if you want to bring up the China shit, look at the back of your fucking keyboard (You too you fucking smug hipster Mac users).  If Facebook eclipses Google for searching in the next 2-3 years (Which I doubt, but the zeitgeist might lean that way), you've only yourselves to blame.  I've serious doubts that Facebook will choose to push forward with cutting edge technology at a tiny price or even free as Google has done for us all.  I doubt we'll see open source APIs that make the web better coming out of Facebook.  FB is to greedy over-zealous conservative capitalists, Google is to liberal mixed economy capitalists.  Just a thought.  And yes, you may mark my words.

GOOGLE:  Make a fucking better "social network platform" already, Jesus fucking Christ; you've got the money.


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