Saturday, May 21, 2011

Looks like I might have gotten ahead of myself

After driving around the west metro watching crazy awesome clouds swirl and twist, I returned home to learn that apparently they are going to vote on the constitutional amendment to go up for a statewide G.E. vote.  If you catch this post in the next few hours/minutes you can watch here:

Really: Who fucking cares if two men, two women, three women, five men and two women, whatever get married?  These "conservatives", so full of hate.  The problem is that no one really calls them on it.  As the Balloon Juicers would say "The shape of the earth: views differ"; too many of us passively allow "views" to propagate unchecked (yes, you have a right to have an opinion, and I have a right to disagree with you as well.. and a right to tell you when you're completely fucking wrong.) that are irrelevant, and have no place in rational, or civil discourse.

This shit breaks my heart.  This is like the 4th post or so in a little over a week on this.  I'm not pro gay, or anti gay, or pro marriage, or anything like that.  I'm simply pro human, and pro freedom.  I wish some of my states' elected representatives could honestly say the same, despite their insistence that they are.


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