Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pink pride

So apparently, liking the color pink means nothing other than a male human is gay

“This is a dramatic example of the way that our culture is being encouraged to abandon all trappings of gender identity,” psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow wrote"

Yeah?  Abandon all trappings of gender identity, eh?  Yes, it's possible the child has the ability to understand what exactly is going on, and he only likes pink because he's a flaming homosexual.  Or maybe he's just a fucking kid, and his mother isn't going to flip out about shit that doesn't matter.  Who knows, and moreover, who fucking cares.
"J.CREW, known for its tasteful and modest clothing, apparently does not mind exploiting Beckett behind the facade of liberal, transgendered identity politics.”
I answer this with "The Catholic church, known for it's tasteful and modest clothing, apparently does not mind exploiting alter boys behind the facade of saving their immortal souls."  Wait, that's hardly fair, how about this: "Christians, known for their tasteful and modest clothing (hardly), apparently do not mind exploiting children behind the facade of a big imaginary friend in the sky, instilling in them ideologies they are not old enough to understand, and creating a life-long fear of doing anything that might be part of human nature, fun, or even remotely intellectually stimulating , lest they burn in hell for eternity".

Fucking hypocrites.


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