Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Class warfare.

Here we fucking go again (I feel like I should come up with a new cliché).  You'd think after spending most of my conscious life thinking about and debating politics, I would learn that there's virtually no movement of ideas within an ideology.. yet hope springs.. ephemeral..  generally in fits and starts, if at all.  Anyhow:

Millionaire A states: "If I really have to change my lifestyle because I'm being overly taxed, then I'm kind of doing something wrong to begin with. . ."  

Millionaire B states: "Increasing taxes on the wealthy means punishing the more fortunate and successful people of a society, and more so, violates their free will to independently help individuals who they would like to help . .  Punishing success in any field is evil." 

 A: It would seem that A wasn't born with a silver spoon in his ass.

B: It would seem that B should see a proctologist. 

Here's a cheap shot: Is punishing success at being a burglar evil?  No?  So where then is our arbitrary line to be drawn?  Perhaps some reduction should be applied... or maybe defining our terms: the greatest weapon against spin/propaganda.  I am looking too deep into this, but there's a point hiding in there somewhere.

I'm ignoring the infantile claim that such a thing as "free will" exists, and specifically in the way it's being used.   "Free will"?  I dare you to reduce it.  Then define it. 


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