Saturday, April 30, 2011


So I was reminded tonight of the French ban on the Burqa (among other religious garb).  This has annoyed me since I found out about it.  The law is just as repressive as the symbolism it seeks to destroy.  I am not a religious scholar in any sense, so I won't pretend I am able to delve into what the Burqa means or symbolizes.  I do know that in the defense of civil liberties, any and all garments (try me) should be allowed, provided full consent of the 'wearer'.  This is the same civil liberty stance that has put me in awkward positions such as supporting Fred Phelps and his ridiculous crusade against homosexuality.

Speaking of homosexuality, I am reminded of my liberal cohorts who have been seduced into answering the 'timeless' question of whether or not homosexuality (among other things) is "genetic" or "natural" or if it's "programmed" by culture.  That's a stupid question.  Stop answering, it doesn't matter.  Let's say it's programmed (like religion): people have, in this country (supposedly) the autonomy to believe, think, and do whatever they want (this is obviously arguable, but only because we tolerate the closed minded who in turn tolerate nothing.. true liberalism).  If someone were to choose to be gay, that's their right.. a civil liberty.  If someone were born gay, it is their right to 'be' as gay as they please (don't read into that).. also a civil liberty.  The answer is the same, so long as you ask the right question: Why should someone be denied the right to do whateverthefuck they want so long as no person is hurt (against their will), and no (sacred) property is hurt.  I could go on for pages and pages, but I'll stop here.

The more you try to police people into thinking like you do (regardless of intent), the more resistance you will find.  It's almost as if we're "programmed" that way.


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