Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Maul of Fan

So, it's been a while.. I've had lots to say, but little time to come here and whack away at the keyboard for a half hour or so. So anyhow... Recap.. Economy failing, Obama inaugurated, Limbaugh making an ass of himself.. etc. This economic stimulus package that went through; waste? I would suppose that some of it is. Is it going to help anything? I don't know, I have no way of knowing.. would the great depression have lasted as long if they would have done NOTHING instead? Who knows, but of course there's plenty of people who can call up anecdotal evidence at a moments notice to say: "LET 'ER FALL!". That is, they say that now, but if the economy was left alone in its current state and failed because of so (More of a post hoc ergo propter hoc, since we wouldn't be able to say one way or another what caused it), would say "Whoops", and they'd end up being far more f'ed than they think. What happens when an economy fails? RE: Germany post WWI/Rise of Hitler.. burning the money you would need to buy wood for the furnace would last longer than the wood itself.
Anyhow, where's the end of this? I don't know.. maybe next month, maybe years away. Either way. Who's fault is this all? Democrats: Republicans. Republicans: Democrats. Rush Limbaugh: Everyone not Rush Limbaugh. Should we keep throwing money at this problem? I would say: Sure. If we let it just "Fail" we're boned. If we try to save the economy and it fails, we're boned. It seems like the logical path to throw money at it and see what happens. This can be paralleled to schools, I hear a lot (I work with a few r-tards) about how throwing money at schools doesn't help. The proposition is: "Cut funding". This seems to scream "I HATE YOU" in the face of anything in the entire world that has ever made sense.. like 1+1=2... the cutting funding idea says "Hay 1+1=2, I HATE YOU!" OH OH, another favorite is "Well it's not working right, so we better scrap it" mentality. (Also commonly found in the school argument, but also in arguments such as the abolition of fiat money). Let's apply this logic to something like a mill worker.
"Hi Bill, did you hear Jimmy died because the security device that was supposed to keep him from falling into the buzz saw broke, and he fell into the damned buzz saw!?"
"No, Alfred, I hadn't heard that, but clearly we should do away with any security measures, because they do not work."
Pelosi is talking about another stimulus package already. I think it's way too soon for that.. I mean, I think we ought to throw money at this problem and hope for the best (I say throw money because I am not qualified to say how it should be spent, that's why I have representation in the legislature, they get to figure that shit out). BUT, we should consider WAITING A GOD DAMN MINUTE and seeing if what has been done will work.. it's too soon to consider another stimulus package.
What about all the pork in the omnibus spending bill? Well, as it turns out, earmarks are how important projects get completed. McCain knows this and is being a dick. Obama knows this, and should have kept his mouth shut about it during the election. (HINT: The 35W Bridge was re-built with earmarks).

So to sum this post up: STFU. Opinions are fine, HOWEVER, there seems to be a lack of any thought behind the opinions I have been hearing lately... from all sides of everything. I hear mindless talking points from Limbaugh repeated over and over, and mindless talking points from whoever the hell is on Air America these days repeated.


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