Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why I "hate freedom"

Here's why I hate freedom. Itemized, for free! (plus processing & shipping and handling)

  • I think that women should be allowed to choose what to do with their own bodies (This applies to many different things)
  • I think that the government has absolutely no right to know what I, or anyone else says in a private conversation on a telephone, or on the internet (without a warrant) regardless of any [perceived] loss of security that could follow
  • I think that if a person wants to die, with the assistance of a doctor they should be able to
  • I think that the right to burn the American Flag should never be infringed upon (otherwise it would destroy the very thing it stands for)
  • I think that anything someone does in their personal life that has no effect on the general population should not be regulated or controlled by anyone in government, OR in business
  • I think that gay persons have just as much right as straight ones to become married. Divorce will destroy the "institution of marriage", and if GOD didn't want gay people to to be gay people he should have paid closer attention to what he/she/it was doing.
  • I think that belligerent, unprovoked unilateral attacks on sovereign nations is hypocritical
  • I like Scooter
  • I am not a Republican, nor am I a Libertarian
This is not an exhaustive list.



Lee LeMond said...

In Response to Better Orange Than Dead.

Anonymous said...

Do you believe the doctor has the right to refuse the person who wants help dying?