Thursday, June 4, 2009

Government Motors? We already get an employee discount!

Hello. It's been a while (at least a while since anything "coherent" has shown up here). I've got a shit ton of stuff to tell you how to think about, but I am going to just kind of babble on for a little bit and see what I end up mentioning.

GM + Chrysler: As a liberal, I think I support this insofar as jobs were saved for lots of people and things like that. I may slightly disagree with myself a little on this one. I feel like the baby boomer generation is at the core of saving these monstrous institutions (clearly, since the boomers run the world right now). I don't really think it's necessarily to save jobs, I think it's for nostalgia purposes.. but the jobs thing makes it that much more righteous of a decision. These companies, as far as I am concerned, don't deserve to live on. If my little bitty LLC fucked up, made a shitty product for 100 years and then all of it came back to bite it in the ass it would go out of business. Anyhow, the problem is blamed on everyone from all sides; management: it was the labor, labor: it was the management, government: we have no fucking clue, Nic: none of you are worthy of running a company, running a company: Nic you suck. So my stance is: well, we're here now, lets force the damn company to play by some sensical rules.. make cars that don't suck, do it with expensive labor and make it cheap. What, that doesn't make sense/is impossible? Hogwash: tell the execs with putt putt courses in their offices to go fuck off.. that's gotta save a shit load of money in itself. These people clearly weren't making the right decisions anyhow. Oh here's another good idea: don't make promises to labor unions you can't keep. Labor unions: don't ask for the world, ask for a chunk of land. Installing wiper blades isn't $30/hr work. I realize that there is harder work in the factories than installing wiper blades, but this extreme is beneficial to proving my point. (Full disclosure) So jobs saved.. good. what?

My neighbors; I live in a nice neighborhood. Except for the one house directly north of me. Three people live there, Mom and two sons. But at any given time there are 10+ people there who don't belong there. Not to mention they've woken the dead at the nearest cemetary more than 30 times already this year leaving me to have to battle the undead in my dreams. This one really fucking fat person was bouncing on the wooden steps outside the house a couple weeks ago, and broke part of it. Some old man who was there asked if I had a 2x4 to fix it for the time being, so I asked my dad (who was helping me remodel the bathroom on the renter side of my duplex), and he said "oh sure", and went ahead and proped the middle of the step back up. The old man was less than grateful, saying "Oh, I wanted a long 2x4 to put in along the side of it". Really? Not enough. Did I mention they are black? "Well, what does that matter Nic?" Well, usually it doesn't except that every chance they get to point out that I am white they do.. "Sup White Boy?!", so it's only fair. Call it "reversed reverse racism". On the other hand, they are usually fairly nice. I was chatting with this one dude outside over there about a month ago.. it came up that I was in school and he asks "What are you in school for?" I replied "Computer Science and Mathematics." He responded "What's Mathematics?" Really? They call each other the good ol' "N word" all the time.. All the work over the past 50 years to get rid of it, and it's revered, adored, chanted and loved. Somethings awry. I think the tenants of the local graveyard would agree.

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