Saturday, May 21, 2011

Father God

So  Captain Jackass who we all remember has worked with Minnesota Republicans in the past, is invited to make the opening prayer (whyever the fuck we still have this is beyond me).  He insists, indirectly that Obama isn't a Christian (because when you're everything-that's-not-you-phobic, that's a bad thing), and people figure out who he is.. everyone loses their shit.  The whole incident actually showed a thread of hope, not just for the delay and possible shelving of an anti-human power grab, but for the people in that chamber.. they were basically shamed into renouncing a man they may very well secretly adore.. after all, someone must have invited him.. or maybe he raptured in, or some hogwash.

The point is: If you bring someone somewhere who's a fucking bigot,   expect them to be a bigot, and don't be surprised when everyone gets all pissed off.  Who said republican idiocy was all bad?


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