Saturday, January 22, 2011

Note to self

This is here so I can reflect on my post at some point.  This was in reply to a boatload of nonsense on the strib website about homeless death(s) that may or may not have happened (that we know about)

"A lot of you should be terribly ashamed of yourselves. A few "this is lib propaganda to promote more money for Dayton's" blah blah blah. Some other rambling nonsense about lazy homeless people. A college student on a cell phone in a homeless shelter is clearly proof that homelessness isn't a problem? What? Have you people lost your minds? You don't need to be a 'bleeding heart lib', or even compassionate to realize that this is a problem that needs to be solved (shame on those who downplay the fight against homelessness as utterly impossible -- apologists for immorality). It's common civility to allow people to AT LEAST be allowed to sleep on the floor of a relatively warm building instead of under a bridge -- yes, people sleep under bridges. Obviously they do this because they are too lazy to work. Right? Nice and warm behind our keyboards we are. From that vantage point, I'd rather you pompous fools keep your mouths shut instead of berating people who have.. well, nothing. But it's now en vogue to circle around people with little to nothing and offer it as proof that everyone is simply lazy."

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Better Orange Than Dead said...

And when your job finally leaves, you'll understand. Are you still going to drill the same bullshit line into your head? "I must be lazy because I don't want to move to China to work for next to nothing.. so someone can make money" .. So someone can make money. It's like a fucking anthem of self-loathing. 'Well, I can't make any money, but I get a hard-on when some jackass makes a billion dollars a year. It's his/her right!'

You fools.