Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The debt 'sealing'

Fox news poll:
 The national debt now tops $14 trillion, creeping closer to its $14.3 trillion limit. White House Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Austan Goolsbee warns that not raising the debt limit would be "catastrophic" for the economy, while Tea Party Republicans in Congress vow to fight any increase. Should Congress raise the nation's debt ceiling?
Should Congress Raise the Nation's Debt Ceiling?
Total Votes: 29,151
Where in the hell is the choice "Yes, because if we don't we won't meet our current obligations (Since borrowed money generally pays interest, and interest accumulates, therefore even without adding any spending, the ceiling will be reached with interest alone).  This type of propaganda is seen at all levels of the conservative christian dogma.

The percentages are terrifying, and fox news' (continued) refusal to to put in a proper answer in these stupid polls infuriates me.  Imagine if everything in life had such things attached to the simple "not sure, yes, no, don't care"..

Sir, did you enjoy your shopping experience with us today?
a.  Not Sure -- I understand that this store is awesome, but today I am incapable of realizing it
b. Yes -- This is the best store ever, and I will never shop anywhere else
c. No -- I am a complete idiot
d. Don't care -- see choice a

That's just a fun one.  Now imagine political pollsters...


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