Monday, July 19, 2010

Can a rock make a GOD that cannot lift it?

There's been an awful lot of weird shit going on since I last checked in here.. The economy hasn't fallen completely to shit again (This is a good thing in general, but was against what I had predicted, and therefore sucks), the oil leak has been... capped? ..somewhat, with some leaks still going? Huh?, the tea party looks to be having a schism (which is neither good or bad news for anyone really, it's just what I would consider typical of a non-homogeneous group of bat-shit crazy angry psuedo-libertarians... They remind me of hippies, but hippies that turned into hippie zombies) and I still don't know if I own another duplex.

Note to self; TAB in the blogger editor doesn't mean over 5 spaces.. Maybe you noticed this post get posted with just that first paragraph. Sorry...

So the economy; The whole damn thing is stale. Job numbers up, job numbers down. The banking/wall street reform bill passed. From what I've read, it's a good thing. I've tried to sit down and read the actual bill, but my attention span is short in the summer. At least I can say that the arguments coming from talking heads against it are ridiculous: "If we regulate the banks, they'll just leave the US". I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard something like this... if we [do something sensible] then [whiny bitch asshole profiteer] will leave the country. We know that arguments like this are generally wrong, but every once in a while (determined by common sense) are accurate. In this case, it's fucking flat out bunk. What half-baked, dipshit bank would leave the only country in the entire world who has based its entire value, both future and present, on credit? Basic common sense says to me that: "I'd rather make less money and run my business, than stop running my business and make no money at all".

BUT What if they're right? What if all the banks, and bankers pack their shit up and leave? Heh, I hate to tell a preacher about religion, but... SOMEONE ELSE WILL FILL THE VOID! This is the same logic that allows some shit head business leaders to pay no mind to their employees well being: "If they don't like it, they can go fuck themselves. Plenty of people are available to work for me". But apparently this philosophy (Which is true as it pertains to employees, however highly unethical and flat out assholery) only applies to what these shitclowns want it to (*puke*). The "Job market", and market will fill the gap. (The quotes are there for a reason, but it's a long discussion. Google: Monopsony labor market).

So - The banks won't leave, lending will continue to exist. Profits will still be made; and at the same time, we've made some positive change to the playing field. I do think it's bogus that FDIC money is going to be basically the only thing to pay for this. Investment bankers, as I understand it, pay nothing to the FDIC, so basically deposit banks will be footing the bill. I guess TCF should have hired better lobbyists. (DISCLAIMER: This FDIC money comment is coming from a crude and preliminary understanding of the legislation, and is subject to change. )

For a good laugh check this out:

I understand the blog post was "satire". What I don't understand is the satire.. This seems to be on both sides of the same opposite. Did that make sense? Well, if that statement made no sense to you, you're probably going to have a helluva time dealing with that bizarre Tea Party "satire". It's about as coherent as any drunken writing I've ever seen. I am sure this will not end the TP (heh), or quiet it down, or anything like that. Hell, I like having the TP around... it reminds me that I have a clearer understanding of the original event than a good chunk of the college educated baby boomer generation. (Re: Tea Party demographics).

My own corrosive half-hearted anger aside, the political climate is quite caustic at this moment in time. We've all been pitted against each other for no damn good reason. Speaking of reason, it seems to be largely absent as of late. I mean really .. fucking really, do these people really think that the sole purpose for Obama to run for president was so he could destroy the country and turn it into the USSR or something? Maybe life would be a lot easier for me if I started to ignore the gray, and see the world as completely black and white. Good and evil, Christian saved and Muslim terrorist, Taxes and Freedom. Conservative and Liberal. Bah; I still cringe when I remember how the Democrats/Liberals thought that George Bush was absolutely intent on destroying the country. His mission was to destroy freedom, and take the whole fucking world down with it. Get a grip people, get a grip. Polarization sells. Anger sells. I suppose I am a bit of a hypocrite since I'm clearly upset about a lot of shit, but for the record I'm upset about ridiculous claims, not differing views.


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