Thursday, March 25, 2010

I have to chime in on this, even though I am on a political break

The healthcare thing is front and center, obviously. I have my opinions on it, but I am going to stay away from that, and attempt to keep this a short, simple, unbiased comment.

It was brought to my attention on Sunday evening, or Monday morning (I don't remember which) that persons of certain religious beliefs can opt-out of the entire schema. While I think this is a very good idea, and I understand why it is in the legislation, I seriously question the bit's constitutionality. I hear that the big argument against the legislation is about mandates, and whether or not that is constitutional. Although I am not (obviously) a constitutional scholar, I doubt that this argument will win in the Supreme Court (If it does, so be it). I think a better road would be to question the constitutionality of the religion thing. Let someone say this: "I hate the healthcare plan, and I want to opt out, but I can't because I am a , and my religion has no specific problem with medicine" (for instance, you're not Amish). I am not certain that the opt-out would stand up in the S.C.

That is all.


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demablogue said...

An astute observation. I think that if this is going to happen, no American should be exempt, this includes politicians or any religious sect. Exempting anyone begs the question of why it's being done in the first place.