Friday, January 8, 2010

I resolve to be less of a dick

So, I made a few good old cliché New Year's resolutions. I've made some in the past, and mostly kept them to myself, just in case they didn't happen, so I wouldn't have to be reminded of something I already know. Anyone who knows me knows that I can be a dick (some would argue, I suppose, that I am always a dick. Probably the same people that I think are so as well). A few people who pay attention have pointed out that this has decreased markedly in the past couple of years, but there's some left. The resolutions verbatim are:
1. be less of a dick
2. continue progress seeing all sides of things


1: This shouldn't be construed as "Don't give anyone shit". I give people shit all the time, and get my own fair share in return; this is just fine. There are some key examples of what I mean, that I am aware of, and that's where the problem lies. It should also be noted that disagreeing with you is not me being a dick. Me calling you a "stupid bitch" in the middle of an argument, however, would be a prime example. Another example of NOT being a dick would be a caustic rhetorical Facebook (or similar) post. Stirring the pot keeps my mind busy.

2. A few years ago I started to really focus my mental efforts on putting myself in "other people's shoes" (It could be argued that this is analogous to focusing a nearly-dead flashlight on the surface of Pluto, then going there and wondering where the hell the light is). I have concentrated the results of these efforts on playing "Devil's advocate", which has resulted in garnering an even better, albeit seemingly infinitely more complex, understanding of my own positions and beliefs (And pissing a few people off). This is more of a personal reminder, but with a purpose outside of that: perhaps someone reads this and decides to try the same thing; if they don't already. (WARNING: Greater understanding results in exponentially more complicated questions. If you've ever progressed in a subject in school or otherwise you know exactly what I am talking about.)

If you don't like this, you're a stupid bitch. ;)


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