Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Security through obscurity

Security through obscurity is nothing but a false sense of security. Ma bell learned this with the advent of Phreaking, and a 2600Hz cracker jack box whistle. Countless others have learned this the hard way as well. I have a long time customer who insists on using the 4D platform, which stores confidential customer information in a not-so-awesome way. I've been pressuring him for a long time to move on to something better, but he is in a endless loop of the sunken cost blues. He says "I've got all this money in it already" which he says to only convince himself that he must put more money into it. You know the drill. Anyhow, I'll use this as an opportunity to plug my latest favorite large scale web application: Magento. Yes, it's written in PHP. I'll forgive that (Drupal is written in PHP as well, and is fairly sound).

I am spending some somewhat serious time learning this platform so I can move my current and future clients away from their archaic ASP/4D/ColdFusion garbage (not to mention the other proprietary garbage that good salespeople shove down unknowing CEOs throats.) Know anyone who needs a new webstore? If they have 6 months to wait, I will set one up at a deep discount for a chance to set up my first production ready Magento.


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