Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some skin in the game

So there's a new meme that seems to be picking up steam (heh) with even the more liberal of people I pay attention to: `The poor need to have some skin in the game too`. I would like to request that if you are one of the people thinking/feeling this, that you take a fucking step back and think about it for a second. What is the purpose of taxing (raising taxes on) poor people (No numbers are mentioned, I will assume below the poverty line of about $18k/year for a family of 4)? Is it symbolic? Do people who have shitty lives suddenly feel something like "Oh, well now that I've got skin in the game I don't want to be poor anymore"? Is that how this shit works? HUH? Is it to make an impact? Can you find me someone who thinks "Oh, well now that I pay [more] taxes, I suddenly..." I can't even finish that sentence. It makes no fucking sense to me at all. What is the point here? Enlighten me.


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