Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sifting through nonsense

While going through countless (well, over 5,000) text files of things I have written, found interesting, quoted, etc (I go through a chunk of the older stuff every once in a while) I came across this. It seems relevant to my post from yesterday. I am not sure if I wrote this, or if I found it somewhere, it had quotes around it. I googled it and found nothing, so I will take 1/2 credit, and if you find it elsewhere, let me know and I will concede all credit. The date was 8/24/2005 and the time was 12:32 AM on the file. (my personal archive goes back to 1993)

"In animal life, animals that travel in herds do so to save themselves with numbers. The animals that stray are easy targets for predators. With humanity, the consequences of straying from the crowd are worse, as instead of being killed and eaten by predators of a different species, they are cannibalized"



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