Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fo guck yourself.

I spent some time with a very conservative friend of mine tonight (funny... the only friends I have are conservative), and we talked a little politics. I heard the same goddamn refrain I always fucking hear: 'why should the rich have to prop up the poor, who don't bother to work' (It's not verbatim, but it's pretty fucking close.). Most of the people I hear this from come from families that will back them regardless of their own stupid shit decisions/mistakes, etc. I myself have a family that I know would back me regardless of what I've done/said/etc.. They key isn't to project yourself on someone else's situation, it's to actually envelope it. And when you do, you might understand why someone would be "stupid enough to be a liberal". It's like the fucking golden rule has become nothing more than: "Don't ask for more than some arbitrary amount of things that you may or may not have earned".

I wonder, to myself.. if these cocksuckers would be established enough in their positions that they'd be willing to give up a supportive family, supportive funding and all that comes with either.. to take on a life of uncertainty, backstabbing, etc.. so they could get a handout.

Go fuck yourself you selfish, shit brained, nearsighted, greedy assholes.

Jesus christ..


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