Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Better red than dead

I've always found it interesting that the republican's color is red. At any rate, There's still a bit of hope for the blue in all of us.. The US House turned quite a bright shade of red yesterday, but the Senate is still blue. What does that mean? A constipated congress. The talk of the house not allowing for the rise in the debt ceiling is baloney; the tenured republicans are smart enough to know that it would possibly mean a world wide economic devastation. As much as the idea of a U.S. Government default probably gives tea-party n00bs a Boehner, their elders know better.

As for the health care bill that everyone seems to be loosing their shit about (apparently facts should be added to the list of the devil's tools, which already include chart toppers such as logic and reason), there are many provisions in it that people actually like. A complete repeal would ensure a 2-year term limit on the new republican "mandate". The silver lining in all this is that Obama is still the president. Thank GOD he's not really a socialist (Jesus Christ, you fucking idiots, just GOOGLE it.), he's actually rather pragmatic.. It'll be good to have a leader in this situation who has a fairly decent grasp on.. well, anything.

As for the state of affairs here in good 'ol MN.. ugh, we deserve whatever ends up happening here. The red's now control both houses of the legislature... and we're going to have a fucking bloodbath recount for Gov.. possibly lasting months and months. What will happen here? I'd assume we've collectively decided to give up a good swath of shit including but not limited to (Parens enclose my attempt to try be a little more red, since apparently it's now cool in MN):

Minnesota care (Get a job you lazy cocksuckers)

The ability of 'proles' to bring frivolous lawsuits (If you don't have money, you don't need to sue anyone)

Public investments to businesses at rock-bottom prices (Someone should profit.. )

Semblance of the separation of church and state ("We support protecting the right to religious expression for all peoples, including the public display of the Ten Commandments and the right to prayer at government events in the name of a specific deity.")

( See This )

I may be a bit overboard, but then again.. maybe not. They haven't had this much control in MN in a very long time. Do I think this is pretty shitty? Yes. Is it what the people of this state want? Apparently. (Granted, not all... but obviously a majority of people who showed up yesterday). Oh, and, shame on the fucking young democrats who didn't show up yesterday (Go read about the demographics of yesterday's turnout). You "fickle" little shits.

So, as a parting note.. I do have some guarded optimism. The republicans have been given a golden opportunity to hang themselves.. It is up to the remaining democrats to devise a suitable noose. In the meanwhile I'll be brewing up a nice hot pot of shut the fuck up, I've got a feeling I'm going to be serving an awful lot of it, and at a 'bargain price'.


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